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HTC VIVE applications comptability with HTC VIVE COSMOS

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We have a project created on the htc vive first generation, and want to exhibit it through our current htc vive cosmos headset.

What info. should I provide, software version number, or ....? I'm not a developer myself, and not sure if this thread is valid, but I've search across the vast internet yielded nothing, and I contacted developer support but no response.

If this thread would be removed, I just need some keywords to know what I'm looking for here, what are the tweaks to be made in the project or the headset, file extensions, softwares, etc. .....

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Few hints for you.
Cosmos is compatible with OpenVR content, so if your content works with OG Vive, it probably will work with Cosmos.
If you are developing with openXR, just need the corresponding runtime to get it running.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the controller bindings if you are using input system 2.0. you will need to create one set for Cosmos. 

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