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Cosmos elite red light!!


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I can't get the device to work. There is constant red light on the headset and it displays no image (black screen). Error code I get is 209 which is about the 2.0 usb cable but when my headset was working a few weeks ago it was plugged into the 2.0 ive even used the 3.0 port also. after several restarts it says everything is OK but still no display. 

The controllers and tracking work fine. I was able to configure the room and when I display the VR view on PC, I can move around the headset and controllers to see proper reaction.

When I turn off the Direct Mode in SteamVR settings, headset displays my desktop but it's upside-down. It makes me think that the headset is not broken. After turning Direct Mode back on, I get the black screen back again.


When I get a green light and it actually stays on the display in the vr is upside down I then reset the headset and then I'm back to the red light again but in vr view the screen is the right way it should be20210828_110132.thumb.jpg.81bf9a9e4d1a1fb66efb8f2d9ea05c63.jpg

Sometimes, while booting VR, the LED flashes green for a brief moment, the sound switches to headset's headphones and after a second or two, the LED  turns red and the black screen remains.

Things I've tried and didn't help:
- Updating everything including MOBO drivers, GPU drivers, Viveport, SteamVR, Windows to the newest versions, even tried BETA versions
- Disconnecting and reconnecting every cable available
- Switching USB and DisplayPort ports
- Rebooting both PC and VR headset multiple times
- Reconfiguring the whole kit from scratch several times
- Reinstalling the whole software from scratch
- Changing PC power management
- Disabling the firewall and antivirus
- Enabling motion compensation


I have had a case open but all I'm getting is unistall this reinstall that unplug it and back in getting no where my case number is 50327323 

and my trace number is 20210826165129



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