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Vive Business Streaming SteamVR drivers no skeletal movement?

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Hey, I noticed the Vive Business Streaming connection to SteamVR doesn't actually fill out the skeletal data in the SteamVR skeletal API, is there a reason for this?

I know it uses the Vive Cosmos bindings in most games but I do believe with the capacitive touch on these controllers the skeletal data should be able to look a lot nicer than Cosmos' skeletal animations, and just not including them at all seems silly to me.

Any reason for this or is it just an oversight that is going to get fixed?

(Specifically, the finger curl data isn't being filled out out all.) @Tony PH Lin @Alex_HTC

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I already am on the beta.

I think maybe it's just not filling in the finger curl values? 

Finger curls are the 0-1 values for how far down your fingers have gone, they're not just relevant for finger tracking controllers, but also for providing some finger movement in games that only animate using those values instead of the skeleton directly, which it appears isn't happening right now...

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I think you are mentioning analog grip button.

Currently, VBS BETA supports SteamVR skeleton as Cosmos. It supports analog trigger button, but not for grip button.

Understand what you mean for finger movement animation based on the analog finger data.

May we know if you also use this analog finger data for actions in game?

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