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Vive Tracker is sending data whithout dongle


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we´ve got yesterday the Vive Tracker and we found out that the Tracker is sending tracking data without the dongle but in the guidelines is written that this is not working.

So we are alittle bit confused why this is working and do we really need to use the dongle?

Is there an newer version of the guidelines (1.3)?


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The tracker uses the same radio as the controllers. The dongle is basically a radio dongle and plugging it in to your computer is essentially adding to the two radios that already are in the headset. It is possible to pair the tracker to one of the radios in the headset if one is available and isn't currently connected to one of the already paired controllers. I suspect that's what you're seeing.

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I was  also suspecting that you had one of you controllers power off when you paired. I did  this too. Just re-paired my controllers with dongles unplugged and trackers powered off. Then plugged in the dongles and paired trackers. All good now. 4Trackers working well in Unreal.

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