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Can't Update Focus 3


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We are trying update Focus 3 using the MDM. However the update status has been stuck at "Waiting" after we requested update on the device. The device is on and connected to the public internet. Has anyone run into this issue before?


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Not sure have you recovered from this yet?

But update firmware through DMS is supported after 3.0.999.197, and you have to perform a factory reset after 3.0.999.197. 
After that, you can assign update to each devices


Please refer to below release notes 3.0.999.197

Fixed an issue where the headset was unable to install system updates via the VIVE Business Device Management System

*For this fix to take effect, do a factory reset on your headset and install the system update version 3.0.999.197 or later. Then, re-enroll the headset through batch configuration in the Device Management System.

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