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On 12/19/2021 at 7:56 AM, BrokeBlackJew said:

I am glad you mentioned that. I was torn between this and the Nreal. It's too bad because bother are so close to what I am looking for. But businesses bail on anything that isn't getting the hype train right away and this just has the core to get there but its missing the software and flexibility to pull that off. Hell, if I could figure out how to put this into dev mode and run a few apks until a decent update comes out I'd be happy. Maybe Steam link, and a more practical remote desktop access tool then I would be down. But this wont even let me sync bluetooth keyboards/controllers with them and I've tried several. I emailed support asking for a refund and I'll do some research on the focus. It's too bad because this is what I prefer. 

I feel like using this as a lie down, personal theatre is basically a prime use case - but they make it completely to use in that capacity.

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