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Vive Business Streaming 1.06.3 - BETA Release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.06.3– Beta Release Notes
Released November 16th 2021

VBS Console – 1.06.3


  • Supported image sharpening function
  • Supported latest AMD GPU driver
  • Supported to save bitrate changes even restart the console
  • Fixed some error 921 cases in wireless mode under certain bitrate settings
  • Fixed a gray textures issue with playing VR Title: Duck Season
  • Improved reconnection to SteamVR

VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store)

  • Support image sharpening function
  • Fixed one issue that users cannot reconnect back to VBS server unless quitting the app
  • Fixed a potential crash issue when found multiple VBS servers in the same network
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23 hours ago, lalalice said:

use this version, an error will occur and you will not be able to use it.

1.05.1a works normally in the same environment.  can use it.(However, it can only be connected via a USB cable. It cannot be connected via wifi.)




@kasei @lalalice
Can you use the issue report to capture a log for me? you can use "save log" option and attach the log here for faster response. Thanks

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