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Consistent error code 200 and solid red light


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I recently received a Vive cosmos elite for Christmas. I have spent a couple of days trying to set it up. I got the light to turn green for maybe a minute or less. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of the setup programs and or applications. I keep getting the error code 200 which says HMD not found. But the weird thing is that SteamVR detects the headset but I cannot see anything through the headset its self. I can hear audio and I do not know how to fix this issue. I have put in multiple help tickets and have not received anything back in a couple of days. I have windows 10 educational for my OS and have installed a Media player through the extra features through this window 10 version. I am kind of confused on how to fix and or resolve this issue. IF this helps I have a NVIDIA 2080 graphics card with a ryzan I5 5000 series in my pc.

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I have the same issue. Brand new headset received last week.

Red Light all the time and a message, video stream not detected,

During initial setup I was forced to upgrade all drivers and firmware on both the pc and headset, I tried to set it up for 3 days and then returned the entire pc (1 month old) and headset to the store, they have failed to get it going for the last 3 days

My rig as follows

AMD Ryzon 5 5600, 16Gb, Windows 11 (21H2)

NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 (driver 15/12/21)

Vive Console


It appears that the last driver update is a problem, I will attempt to roll back and try again. When the store gives my headset back

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So is there a easier way to do that. Cause I was talking with VIVE support and went through a process with them and they said that it was something wrong with the converter and sent me a new one. This didnt fix the issue and then they said that it was the headset and offered to fix it. I did not want a refurbished headset when I bought it brand new. So I went and talked to the vender that I bought it from and they sent me a new one and I am still having the same issue. 


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