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Blury Vive - Tried All Support Help


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Install Advanced Settings.




Turn your compositor SuperSampling settings up to 2.0 (for testing)


Turn the game SS setting to 1.5


Play a game that doesnt need a monster system for high SS settings. Try tiltbrush, or better AudioShield 


Is it clearer. Does it look more like the store demo you did. Make sure your eyes are completely centered and the closeness dial has the hmd as close as possible. 


Put the bottom legs of your face foam down so you can get even closer. 



The shop you tried it in may of had a GTX 1080 or better. 


Many Unreal based games are not written well enough to be clear. Most Unity games are clearer natively. 



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Hi ,


what is this open VR advanced settings link you sent, when i download what do i do with it, do i copy the files into my vive file location ?


Also how do you go about changing game SS settings?



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