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Blury Vive - Tried All Support Help


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Which games won't work? What happens when you try to launch?

Also, can you re-calibrate your tracking? Stuttering can sometime be caused by tracking errors. Check your basestations. 

One more thing to check, make sure you're not taxing your system. If you can let me know what GPU, Processor and Mainboard you have, that would be great.


-John C

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Start at 1.1 (for game and compositor) then restart. Play a game that is demanding and make sure you have to show a notifiction for dropped frames. 


Again make sure:


Turn off Interleaved and turn on Async


Turn off all overlays including NVIDIA Share, and Afterburner


Turn off any Steam game streaming. 


Disable the HTC Vive Camera


Disable F.Lux (if you installed this ever)


Clock everything to stock


System Power profile to High





Windows 10 Game mode is off, DVR mode is off. Uninstall Nvidia Experience, 


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Thanks for the reply.


I have: ( HOMEBUILT)

@Intel® Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz

MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard

16GB HyperX RAM

1060 Asus Turbo boost 6GB GPU

500GB 850 EVO SSD


 Windows 10

and i have tried a few games:

John Wick Chronicles

The Lab

Google Earth VR.



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Well if i put up CSS it gets really jolty and games wont load, they Open and have a blackscreen and it says im getting 1000+ FPS, its really really odd. As soon as i turn all settings back to the original its fine. ( well still bluryish but back to the normal )

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