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Vive software won't download


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Hi all,

I've generated support tickets with the email addresses associated with your accounts.

If you're reading this and encountering an issue with Viveport or the Vive installer, you can email customerservice@viveport.com directly for support.


 - I know I've generated support tickets for you in the past but I wasn't able to surface them when I went to check. I've pinged a manager about your case and have asked them to query the system to see what happened and to follow up asap. 

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I just got done with the Tech Support guy, Guile Chao.  He was able to log in via Teamviewer and we downloaded a Vive Desktop application from dropbox that worked great and I appear to have a working Viveport now.   If that sounds like what was supposed to happen, awesome, let me know and close my ticket.  If any of that seems odd, also please let me know and I'll delete the VM we installed it on. :D

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