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Vive software won't download


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Really? You must be new. I get the message of can’t download because something went wrong and so many threads with exactly the same download issues I’ve had.


Tell you what I’ll do. I’ve just re-installed Windows 10 pro on a new SSD and will re-install you and steam ... this time I’ll record the entire process via video camera and add it to my YouTube channel describing the entire issue and will send you a link to the video issue.


I’ll only sensationalize it just a bit

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My vive software is downloading through the website https://www.vive.com/us/setup/, I am in Colombia, just moved here and bought it from Spain, we connected all sensors and I have a preety powerful CPU, it is a Vibox. My Vive Software starts downloading until it gets to 8.73MB 6% and then it just stays there, I have tried restarting the download but again the same thing happens.


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I have tried multiple times to download and install viveport software. Have tried different install location, resets and uninstalls. the viveport software will freeze when trying to install. it will load untill it reaches 6% and stop and ask me to sign in. when i try to sign in it tells me that it failed and wont install any further. 

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