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VIVE OpenXR (PC) 1.0 update (Unreal and Unity)


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New version OpenXR PC VR Plugin for Unreal 1.6.0 (UE5.1) not complile

Console inside unreal not show errors:


the log says: 

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): C:\Users\USUARIO\Desktop\ViveOpenXRGame\Plugins\ViveOpenXR\Source\ViveOpenXRSceneUnderstanding\Private\ViveOpenXRSceneUnderstanding.cpp(561): error C2679: '=' binario: no se encontr  un operador que adopte un operando en la parte derecha de tipo 'TArray<FVector,FDefaultAllocator>' (o bien no existe una conversi n aceptable)

[2023.04.24-10.39.09:115][704]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [Upgrade]
[2023.04.24-10.39.09:115][704]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [Upgrade] Using backward-compatible include order. The latest version of UE has changed the order of includes, which may require code changes. The current setting is:
[2023.04.24-10.39.09:115][704]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [Upgrade]     IncludeOrderVersion = EngineIncludeOrderVersion.Unreal5_0
[2023.04.24-10.39.09:115][704]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [Upgrade] Suppress this message by setting 'IncludeOrderVersion = EngineIncludeOrderVersion.Unreal5_1;' in ViveOpenXRGame.Target.cs.
[2023.04.24-10.39.09:115][704]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [Upgrade] Alternatively you can set this to 'EngineIncludeOrderVersion.Latest' to always use the latest include order. This will potentially cause compile errors when integrating new versions of the engine.


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