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Afternoon all, just taken delivery of the VIVE Focus 3 and was expecting to be blown away with its performance.  Admitadly I was going to use it primarily on MSFS 2020 but I am struggling to use to it wirelessly.  I have purchased the data cable in order to tether it to my PC and am hoping things improve.

My PC spec is Ryzen 9 m/b and GEOFORCE 3090 so the spec is more than is expected.

Does anyone have any user tips on how to get the best use out of the headset, both wirelessly and tethered ?


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The F3 is a nice headset, but yeah, I'd agree, if you want to stream wireless or wired, you're better off with a Q3, the image is just so much better overall. It pains me to say it because the image on the F3 is really nice, try watching a movie in immersed and it looks lovely, but the Vive streaming app is just too low quality.

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Hello @evertec

Did you really got the bitrate higher with hacking the bitrate? I had the impression it did not really apply the other values.

Unfortunately the Quest 2 is no alternative in a business context as it still needs a Facebook account ... although it is a more grown-up headset without any starting issues 😞 

Best regards 

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Have a look in this thread -

I've just tried it out with my 3070 (my 3080 won't fit in this PC I have - long story) but hope to have it running soon for some more testing - thought I'd just dump this all here in case it helps anyone.

Changing to 1.3, RX and RY at 2448 and BR at 125000000 my 3070 is running at constant 100% encode and 54% GPU in SteamVR home

1.3, RX and RY at 2448 and BR at 100000000 (200mbps) Encoder still at 100% and GPU still at 54%

Even when I go as low as 40000000 it's still at 100% for the encoder

1.2, RX and RY at 2448 and BR at 100000000 Encoder still at 100%

I've got to go down to 1.1, to get the encoder down to 90% and GPU then jumps to 60% (RX and RY at 2448 and BR at 100000000) resolution in Streaming app reports as 2692x2692

It seems like it's the encoder letting us down at the moment. I could be wrong, but I think the encoder in the 3080 isn't much better for encoding...

Wonder if we can change the codec at all






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6 minutes ago, Raeldor said:

I came to the same conclusion.  It definitely seems to be the encoder letting it down, and I couldn't find any config settings to change the encoder apart from the bitrate.  Really disappointing. 😞

Yeah it's a bummer.. Maybe we can start hassling HTC about this specifically now though haha

I notice the other profiles have FPS, maybe it would be worth changing to 72 and see how it goes quality wise.. Would prefer not to lose any framerate, but for some things it might be fine. I'll try it tomorrow maybe.

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@1538038 - Vive Focus 3 is an enterprise headset and is mostly designed for playing mobile content specifically built out for Focus 3. It has a feature called "Vive Business Streaming" that lets you cast WiFi streaming over to the headset to play PCVR content - but that's not it's biggest strength. There isn't a huge value proposition for regular customers who just want to play games.

For something like simulators - you generally want to want to play with a headset that's wired to get the maximum resolution and quality. A PCVR specific headset will be more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time and you'll be able to see things like gauges and flight instruments clearer because the signal to the headset will be higher bitrate and it will be uncompressed video

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