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OnApplicationPause not called when taking off the headset


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On previous headset models (tested on Focus plus), the Unity Monobehaviour method "OnApplicationPause" was called when taking off & putting back on the headset.

It seems to not be the caseanymore with the Focus 3. Same thing for  "OnApplicationFocus".

Is there another way to know when the user is taking off the headset?

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6 hours ago, Tony PH Lin said:

Hi @Fangh,

We recommend you to use below Unity script API as more formal way on Focus 3.


As "OnApplicationPause" or "OnApplicationFocus", these may vary depends on the design behavior and not 100% equal to user taking off / putting back the headset.


I just tested the CommonUsages.userPresence: It works like a charm on Focus 3.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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