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Upside down Tracked Object in Unity


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In my Unity project, there is a problem that has been bothering me for some time, and I can't solve it:


As you can see. The object I am tracking is upside down.
Yet I assure you that the object in real life is right side up. The tracker is also well positioned in relation to real life.

However, here is my object in "Scene" mode when I don't launch my game, as you can see, it is right side up: (The red square represents the tracker, as I understood that you shouldn't move the tracker, but move the object to position it on it) :



Why is the object upside down? Is it possible that it is the "real" tracker that is upside down? Is there a way to place the trackers?

My map is, I think, right side up because the sky is well "up".
I'd like to point out that I wouldn't just put the gun upside down in the scene mode. I'd like it to be correctly positioned to facilitate future creation steps.
Thank you in advance for your answers.


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