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How to become a Vive Reseller?

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So I own and operate a VR Kiosk and Mobile Entertainment VR buisness. Currently we build custom PC's for clients who want to be Vive ready. However when asked if we sell the headsets I had to tell them no. Normal means of contact with the Vive help desk have left me frustrated. Stores like Fry's sell them. Does anyone have any contact information to get in touch with HTC's wholesale department?

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Hi Rockjaw. I own and manage a VR business in Brazil and I have the same problem. We also have a branch in Orlando and always export tech stuff to Brazil to ressel there. We receive at least one order per day but can't go further cause it becomes too expensive buying as a customer here in the US and export to Brazil paying all the fees they have. It would be great to became a resseler in the US and export formally to Brazil with a lower price. A punch in the smuggler's face.

Or became a reseller in Brazil and US.

Thank you.

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