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How to become a Vive Reseller?

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Hey David,


My name is Matt and I work for Electronics Row. I'm trying to get in contact with the Sales team for HTC Vive, and would like to send further information about our extensive member programs! We are based out of Denver.




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I would like to update that any and all efforts to be a Vive reseller has failed. I gave up months ago. I was given the information I needed about your one and only US distuributor. Only to get denied because "Regarding the Consumer Edition, that headset is restricted to select Brick and Mortar and .com retail partners. "
If this has changes could someone tell your distuributor, I would love to actually sell product related to the arcade I run. 

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I want to become Vive Reseller,  in Republic of Georgia. I'ts located in very good Geo region, where Turkey,Azerbaijan,Armenia and Russia are located. It would be very good spot for selling Vive products.

Would love to Get more details.

Many Thanks,


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