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Vive business streaming menu button


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My game has a pause menu attached to the menu button. When I try to use it with the vive business streaming, instead of opening my pause menu it opens the vive business streaming menu. Is there a way to avoid it?

I've tested it with a focus 3 and I'm using unity.

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Hi @FailD,

For opening app menu, VBS support controller binding fallback to VIVE Cosmos controller or Oculus Touch controller.

Thus, your application should work as supporting binding for VIVE Cosmos controller or Touch controller. Usually, it will set button 'B' and 'Y' to open application menu, e.g. SteamVR Home, The Lab, Beat Saber, etc. I think no need to put additional efforts to recognize VBS headset.

Also, when left Menu button pressed, VBS will toggle SteamVR Dashboard and also send below events to the application. If you want to pause your application and show your menu at this condition, you can handle below events. (Beat Saber is this case.) Bewared, these events will be sent when there is other system menu shown/closed on Focus 3, e.g. system Quick Menu.

Overlay open

  • VREvent_InputFocusCaptured
  • VREvent_InputFocusChanged

Overlay close

  • VREvent_InputFocusReleased
  • VREvent_InputFocusChanged
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