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Does DirectPreview support transferring eye tracking data from the Focus 3 eye tracker?


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I found i cannot obtain the eyeTrackingData when running the EyeTracking Demo in DirectPreview(DP) mode.

Wave.Essence.Eye.EyeManager Update() m_LocationSpace: World, hasEyeTrackingData: False

I wonder if the current version of DP supports transferring eye tracking data from the new Focus 3 Eye Tracker Accessory.

Or is it that the only way to access eye tracking data is to build an apk?


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15 hours ago, Alex_HTC said:

Hi @wzs

I'm asking internally about Direct Preview support

VBS seems to have just added this functionality in the latest beta here 



Hi, @Alex_HTC, thanks for your reply.

Is there any plan to add this feature to the DirectPreview mode of "Unity3D VIVE WAVE XR Plugin" as well?


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Hi @Tony PH Lin,

Thanks so much for getting back to me! This is promising news, and I look forward to future updates!

Do you also know if OpenXR will get other metrics that the Wave SDK offers, such as pupil diameter and pupil position?



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