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Native Vive SRWorks SDK not working properly.


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Hi, i have been working the past few weeks torwards developing a native VR application. 

Despite my efforts i have not been able to make it work till recently and the only part sdk part that seems to work for me is the undistorted passthrough view.

I am fairly new to this framework so i have several questions:

  1. Does anything but the distorted passthrough view of the sample work? if so, how did you manage to get it running?
  2. Is it possible to avoid using the sdk libraries and use the api layer from openXR directly?
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Same issue here.  We are trying to use the native test demo you provided and nos of the features we couldn't make them work. Is there a new release of the openxr api now that a new headset has been announced? This is critical to develop custom applications outsider of Unity or unreal ...

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