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Black screen on mobile build since installing wave XR


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My project switches between Wave XR, Oculus and mobile builds. Since installing Wave XR - it's apparent that even when in player settings Wave XR is unticked - it is still doing things when i run the build - there are a bunch of wave essence related console logs.

That's not really a problem except that now when I try to build for android mobile - i'm getting just a black screen.(Initialize XR on startup is off!)

the project is running in the background - i can see from Logcat - 

but the screen is black. My suspicion is that wave xr / unity xr somehow still believes it's VR and is taking over the rendering somehow.

is there anything you can imagine that could be causing this?

before installing Wave XR this built to tablet fine - (it used to only switch between oculus and android tablet.)


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We did encounter similar symptom when our project managed one project across Oculus and Wave, and sometimes even we disabled Wave in the XR Management settings the related stuffs still exist in the logs. However it’s not 100% existing in Unity version and we guessed it’s also related to the sequences which one we import first.


Since it might be more related to Unity environment sequence and flow problem, we have no idea at this moment.

The alternative (workaround) we did internally was to remove either one of plugin in the project and redo the target build.

Maybe you can try this way first and if the issue disappear, then it’s almost same issue we met.

This is the experience and suggestion we can share.

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