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Ai human cut and passthrough


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I tried for my master thesis to use the ai scene human cut module with SRwork's passthrough to add occlusion.

The human cut module seems to works really well, sadly it seems that it only returns occlusion for the left camera, with create some offset between both eyes in VR.

Did anyone tried to use these and has a fix for this ? I can at least tell that on Unity 2019.4, there is a missing layer on the AISegmentPlane (left) gameObject of the rig, and no AiSegmentPlane (right), witch could explain the issue.



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After further investigation, it seems that SRWork_AI_Scene.ai_scene_data_.labels_right is not updated when calling SRWorkModule_API.GetAISceneData, so we're only getting labels for the left camera, and it seems impossible currently to get labels for the right camera, and so detecting humans in the image.

To be more precise of the problem, I attached a screenshot showing the offset between the two eyes.


Sans titre.png

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