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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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@BVV.Fr Would you happen to know where I can get a copy of this (or indeed ANY other version) of this standalone version of the console ?

I am having so many issues with the steam version, I am at the point that I need to try this standalone version or I simply can not use my VR headset anymore 😞


Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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Hi HTC Software Team,

the 4090 latency issue has been going on for "four months" and HTC and Pimax haven't been able to fix it, and i suspect that the Vive Pro 2 Headset latency problem can no longer be fixed.

I am very sad about this and I have lost confidence in both companies HTC and Pimax. Both companies sells expensive VR hardware and users are left alone with their problems.

Now I sold my old 8kx and got an Aero for it. Of course I miss the large FOV, but the latency problem is fixed. Varjo was able to fix the problem within a few weeks.

I give my Vive Pro 2 a few more weeks a chance for a Software/Firmware Fix, otherwise the VR glasses will be sold and I will never buy VR hardware from both companies again.

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