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Wave SDK for Unreal 5.1

Dan Lauer

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Does anyone have any insight into when the WaveVR plugin will be available for Unreal 5.1?

I have a full simulation built in UE5.1 and need to get it working with the Vive Focus 3.  Since there is no easy way to downgrade a UE project, I need to decide if I should completely rebuild in 5.0 (which could take a week or so), or just wait for ... well that's the question.

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Hi @Dan Lauer,

To support Unreal 5.1 on our next update in March is under development.

However we still have some integration issues with UE 5.1, so we may release first our support on OpenXR plugin soon.

For WaveVR plugin, once we have earlier progress, will let you know if we can try to provide Beta version for your trial. Will keep you posted.

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What's the news about the support of UE 5.1? Still for the Vive Focus 3. 
Do you have an expected date for this update? 

I have the same needs as Dan, creating a project in 5.1 and it would be boring to redo everything on the previous version (importance of Lumen and Nanite).

Thank you in advance for your answers

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