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Vive xr elite Passthrough over PCVR


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On 3/4/2023 at 7:32 PM, Xoart said:

As a standalone built application or using Unity editor play mode, is it possible to use/visualize the passthrough using PCVR? 

This is still under studying. 

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thank you for your work, 

Is there a way actual or in the near future to create passthrough mode in TouchDesigner ?

or to formulate more broadly, a way to access the outside camera of the headset as if it was two separate webcams and connect them in the application to recreate XR experience ?



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@Xoart, @MoodDreamButterfly
In case if you're still looking for it, you need to update Vive Business Streaming on your PC to beta and through it on your headset too. After that, there'll be a new experimental feature in the graphics settings. Enable it and set the camera rendering in your Unity camera to solid color, set it black with alpha = 0, the passwthrough will render instead of skybox. It will also render on any object where material's alpha is <1, note that

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@Ilija I am still not getting the passthrough on my Elite. Is there maybe somewhere a small repro for Unity with all setup for passthrough? With that I could test if the problem is my unity setup or it is something with the Vive Business Streaming passthrough feature. I enabled the option on Vive Business Streaming and updated the version on the headset, too. For me the skybox will be solid black instead of the possthrough, although the alpha values are at zero. 

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