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[BUG] Focus 3 input lost after waking from sleep mode - Unity


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Hi! We've encountered a problem in Unity with the Wave SDK and managed to reproduce in in the sample project.

If I put the headset to sleep mode and turn it back on, the controllers don't regain tracking properly in a Unity app. If I press the home button, the controllers are properly tracked on the overlay, but not in-app. 

The issue if visible on the following recording I've made with the sample project provided by the SDK (Assets\Samples\VIVE Wave XR Plugin\5.1.1-r.4\XR\Controller). After coming back from sleep mode, the left controller is not tracked any mode. Looking at the UI display the controller's position readout is correct, the model is just not updating (the video resolution is low but the numbers showing the controller positions are correct). Strangely the only thing that works on the left controller is the thumbstick proximity sensor and pressing it, nothing else is updating.

Unity Focus 3 tracking lost after sleep modec - GIF - Imgur


  • Unity 2021.3.16f1
  • Input System 1.4.4
  • VIVE Wave XR Plugin  5.1.1-r.4
  • VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence 5.1.1-r.4
  • VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Native 5.1.1-r.4
  • WaveXR Plugin provider turned on in XR Plug-in Management
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Hi @chengnay!

I'm using the sample project provided by the VIVE Wave XR Plugin. Looks like it's using a script called "ActionToVisibility" that indeed uses Input Action. Could you please check if you can reproduce the issue?

How would I go about providing logs? Do you mean connecting to the headset and collecting the logs from android logcat?




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Hi @tamasa,

It looks like you use the Assets > Samples > Wave > XR > XR > Controller > ControllerSample scene to test. This is a known issue caused by Unity Input System

Since you already imported the Essence package, you can refer to another controller sample, e.g. Assets > Wave > Essence > Controller > Model > {version} > Demo > Scenes those will not encounter this issue.

Sorry for the late response.

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No worries, thanks for the answer!

So does that mean the only way to avoid this issue is to use native Wave calls for input?

That would be really inconvenient for us as we support multiple platforms. I've submitted a bug report to Unity about this.

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