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pitch black when enter 360 video (webXR / vitrual desk top)

dynameis tw

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11 hours ago, dynameis tw said:

Seems last update mess up , please check this

now you can't play anyting with webXR video player

once you enter 180/ 360 mode , you stuck in pitch black environment , same as vitrual desk video player

We've checked, it shoud be working fine. 
Can you provide the ones you are having issue with? 

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@dynameis tw

More details can help us help you more -- but frequently there are issues with the content not specifying the 360 degree metadata

360 video works quite well in our browser, our video app, and other 3rd party apps. That said, not all content - webpages or movies are configured correctly. For instance, let's look at the top results for 360 video on youtube:


The top video is lower quality (since it is very old) but it plays in 360 after selecting the "fullscreen" option on the video. 

The second video is labelled and not actually 360! What to do!
If the video is yours - re-encode with the 360 video tag, or inject the proper video metadata tag with a tool like the spacial media injector ( https://github.com/google/spatial-media/releases/tag/v2.1 ) - while making sure that the tag matches the content - 360,180,360 stereoscopic side-by-side or top-bottom
If the video is not yours - use the VR option in the video player(available after hitting 'full screen') to select the appropriate type of video - in the case of the snake island video - it's actually 180 - so i select that and it plays just fine.

Thanks for the question - and i hope it helps you enjoy more great content!


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the content can't share here due to NSFW issue , but I did do some research for you guys,

it is left right 180 video

when use vive browser or wolvic  browser , web xr player can play it normal in flat mode , but when I click enter fullscreen the environment turn all black only controller( like a laser pointer) still visible

next I do some developer shit to decrypt and download the HLS stream(for research reason) , then remux to mp4 , then use vitrual desktop video streaming , issue still there , all black

next I copy the mp4 file direct to MHD storage and use viveport video  and it finally can play normally

so , I don't re-encode the video , just remux, and not add any metadata ,( ffmpeg -i video.ts -c copy video.mp4 )

now you may say "hey thats not my issue , my player is fine"


first ,the site it self are legit and I have paid subscription , and sure it can play on quest.

second , I do try some other site and has same issue.

third , vitual desk top video streaming has same issue.

any cue?



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I have the same issue.



@Alex_HTC The issue is not with SBS or 360 videos, it's when it starts webxr - you can only hear sound, but everything is black 
The site providing this experience is probably pornhub .com , this is where the same thing happens on my device
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