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VIVE Browser does not start


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i'm having trouble to start the VIVE Browser application on my XR Elite, the app doesn't start at all.

If i'm hovering over the icon it appears "Update". By clicking on it, nothing happens. If i clicking on "more details" for the app it says: "The Page you are looking for might have been removed, renamed or is temporarily not available".

My headset has the current firmware installed and other applications just work fine.

Does anyone has a hint how to solve this?

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I don't have Pihole or anything like that on my network and I still have this issue with the VIVE browser. The workaround I've been using is clicking on the browser painting on the wall in the home environment, it's a painting of a planet to your right when you first load in, next to the Viveport Painting. I've noticed if I join a new network I can use the icon in the library to start the browser but once I exit, the icon goes back to saying "update". 

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