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PC as hotspot for wireless streaming


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My current feedback on this is It works, but it kinda sucks. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely usable and not a bad solution.
But after testing with a dedicated router, which is only Wi-Fi 802.11ac, my experience improved from "okay but a little disappointing" to "I think it works perfect".

So if someone is not sure which way to go, I'd definitely recommend getting a dedicated router.
But I'm happy to here, if others have better experiences going the hotspot route.

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I've been exploring the feasibility of using a mobile hotspot for Oculus Quest/Quest 2 headsets and here's what I found:

  • Hotspot Compatibility:

    • Both Oculus Quest and Quest 2 can connect to a mobile hotspot.

    • This applies to iPhones (iOS) and Android devices, like Samsung and Xiaomi.

  • Setting Up a Hotspot:

    • Creating a hotspot on your smartphone is straightforward, regardless of the brand.

    • There are online guides for specific phone models if needed.

  • Data Usage Considerations:

    • Downloading games can consume significant data, with some games like "The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners" being around 8GB.

    • Online gaming data usage varies; for example, playing Rec Room used about 350 MB per hour in my test.

  • Streaming Limitations:

    • Streaming content like movies or YouTube videos can quickly exhaust monthly data limits.

  • Network Requirements and Troubleshooting:

    • Ensure your mobile plan supports hotspot usage and check for any data limits.

    • Quest headsets may require a stable network; weak signals can cause issues.

    • Switching the broadcast channel to 5GHz may help if the Quest does not detect the 2.4GHz hotspot.

    • Resetting network settings on the phone and recreating the hotspot can resolve connection problems.

Using a mobile hotspot is a viable option for Quest headsets, especially for gaming and basic browsing. Feel free to check out my post for more information on any of these points!

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