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Focus 3 and Vive Business Streaming Calibration

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I am using Unity and Focus 3 over VBS.  I need to calibrate the eye tracker using a custom button in our application.  The following line of C# should trigger the calibration of the tracker:

SRanipal_Eye_API.LaunchEyeCalibration( (System.IntPtr)0 );

However, it triggers the calibration on the PC side that would be used for the Vive Pro Eye, not the application on the focus3.  When this version of the calibration application starts, it does not recognize the eye tracker and fails into a very bad state that can't be exited short of killing it with task manager.  Calibrating via the HMD's menus works great, and is obviously a different application running.   It is very difficult to walk an end user through the menus to launch the calibration.  They then need to navigate back to Vive Business Streaming to reconnect to the PC stream. Is there an update in the works to make this more friendly, or another way to chain-load the Focus 3 calibration app?    I've looked at the C# module, and it's simply calling the C API with no more options or flexibility.


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Hi, I got into another difficulty. The position and rotation of focus3 controllers are not correct. I use the VBS and OpenXR also.

Other functions of the controllers are correct except the position and rotation. Can you help me?🙏

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On 5/4/2023 at 7:23 AM, 且试天下 said:

The position and rotation of focus3 controllers are not correct. I use the VBS and OpenXR also.

Have you tried turning off compatibility mode in the VBS settings?   

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Hi @且试天下,

We did find a compatibility issue within Unity OpenXR plugin.

When Unity OpenXR plugin is upgraded to 1.6.0, they require a new version of input system plugin where one of the interface "PosControl" is deprecated.

Our plugin has to manage this deprecated interface and release a new version to fix it. It is on our plan now.

If you are not really requiring the new version of Unity OpenXR plugin (1.6.0 or newer), I suggest you to use 1.5.3 which is the official public version and is working perfectly.

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Hi, I got a problem using 


I have detected that with the Focus 3, in the step where you have to check your ipd and when you change the distance using the wheel, these changes are not detected.

This problem appears in our games and also in SteamVR (in the calibration menu). So for now, the only place where we can calibrate the Eye Tracker is directly in the Focus 3 menu when it is running in Standalone mode.

Is there any way to calibrate from SteamVR or from our games using SRanipal and this method?

Thanks in advance.

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