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Help me understand WaveXR scene Perception Unity demo scene


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Hi, I have an XR elite device and I am trying to experiment the MR capabilities. I have tried building the demo scene called ScenePerceptionDemo(SceneMeshAnchor) but I don't understand what it is actually doing in the app. From what I understand from the code it is suppose to generate some meshes of floor, wall etc... but when I press the button "Visual Mesh" or "Collider Mesh" nothing happens.

I am assuming it is suppose to change the material of the meshes but this seem to be for the defined 3d meshes and not your actual physical world but nothing happens for me even when passthrough is enabled and I quite don't understand the purpose of this Scene Understanding feature? 

In my mind I assumed that this is something like spatial mapping which scans your whole real physical environment and generate some meshes. Can we even do Spatial mapping like Magic leap 2 or hololens does on the XR elite (OpenXR Mobile or WaveSDK)? 


Some clarification would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Hi @jcm01,

Scene Mesh can be broken down into two parts: Scanning and Reading.

The demo scene you are looking at can only read Scene Mesh, and in order for the demo scene to be able to read anything, you need to scan and construct a scene mesh first.

As for scanning scene mesh, this can only be achieved through a Beta ROM on XR Elite which has a version of MR Room Setup that can scan scene mesh. If you have access to that Beta ROM, you should be able to scan a scene mesh using MR Room Setup and read the scanned mesh in the demo scene.

Also, the visual and collider mesh actually refers to scene mesh data with different levels of detail, which can be used for different purposes as implied by their names.

For apply beta ROM, please refer to


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Hi @Tony PH Lin

With my team, we're currently trying to implement some MR features on Vive XR Elite. 

We have an access to the Beta, but we would like to scan the scene during the runtime. (Indeed, environment could change during the app use). 
Is there currently a way to do it while using MR Room Setup before ? If not, is it something you're thinking about for the future ? 


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