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[UPDATE] Depth sensor is enabled on Beta ROM for Scene Perception features

Tony PH Lin

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Hi there,

We're pleased to share an updating news to enable the Depth Sensor via Beta ROM, so developers could start development to blend the real and virtual worlds to create new experiences for mixed reality. (how to join Beta program.)

Check it out how it works with Julbee MR Demo video we showed in MWC and GDC.

Note: In latest Beta version, we have simplified and integrated the setup steps inside MR Room Setup in VRS Launcher.


You may also interested to know what's the features and SDK APIs for MR developments, how to do performance tuning with MR contents, and how to manage the alignments with virtual objects and passthrough etc.

Here are more info. which can help you to deeper implementation.

Tutorials for Mixed Reality Development

Unity Development

Unreal Development


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