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[PSA] Some tips about error code 912


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To avoid error code 912 in the headset while trying to stream, check also your firewall settings

One reason why you might be having problems starting a wireless streaming session is because of your computer’s firewall settings. If your firewall is set to block connections from VIVE Streaming, you won’t be able to start a wireless streaming session.

If you’re using Windows Defender Firewall, go to https://www.vive.com/us/support/vs/category_howto/how-do-i-allow-apps.html to learn how to set Windows Defender Firewall to allow connections from VIVE Streaming.

Using a different firewall software? Check if the one you’re using is listed below:

If you don’t see your firewall software, check its user guide to learn how to set your firewall software to allow connections from VIVE Streaming.

For more tips to help you have a trouble-free wireless streaming session, click here.

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