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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes
Released May 17th 2023

Vive Console

[VIVE Console]

  • A hot fix has been developed to rectify an error identified in the release.

[Vive OpenXR]

  • Correct the validation of localized name of paths.

[Vive OpenXR Hand Tracking]

  • Fixed a bug which was affecting the hand interaction extension.
  • Addressed an issue where hand tracking could not be started for the second time in UE editor mode.
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Thank you for the super quick turn around, but just as I feared, even tho the resolution is back to showing the symmetrical value as mine was just 5200x5200, the visual quality on Ultra is more like a mix between Balanced and High.  It's just blurry,  not clear like it was before the Beta.  I have a I9 10900k and RTX 4090, and before that beta, everything was crystal clear and focused.  Games looked amazing.  Now, it's like it's only rendering at part of the resolution that is actually set.  I was just running ACC with Opencomposite and OpenXR toolkit at 3000x3000 with FFR and it was very pixelated, where as before it was perfectly clear.  Thought it may have been the Opencomposite and OpenXR toolkit causing problems, so completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game and ran through OpenVR and it was even worse visually.  Tested out a number of different games with same result (Mix of OpenXR and OpenVR).  The home environment and text are "Fuzzy", lower resolution.  I can't see text clearly on the desktop now, where as before it was no problem.  Any suggestions to help me fix this?  I've already done a complete uninstall/Deleted left over files of Viveport, Vive Console, SteamVR.  Anything that is Vive or HTC related.  All of the files in the x86 folder, Appdata folder also.  Then reinstalled SteamVR first, then Viveport/Console.  Tried resetting the headset, removing and reinstalling all USB devices.  Just seems like that Beta messed with the headset resolution in a way that keeps it from displaying the full resolution.   Thanks for quick response earlier, and for any help on this issue.

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