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No collider event in build ?


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I am using Wave XR 5.2-r.1. 

I am using Unity 2021.3.11f

I am using a CameraRig game object found in Assets\Wave\Essence\Hand\Model\5.2.1-r.1

I made a prefab from it and exported it in another scene.

I added a mesh collider and a rigidbody on the object WaveBone_1 (in CameraRig>XRRightHand>WaveHand[RightOrLeft]>WVR[RightOrLeft]Hand_1106_ASCII)

In direct preview, I can knock over an object and have the name of the object I collided with show on a canvas. 

In the build, I seem to have no collision !!

I cannot knock over the object, and I cannot read the name the object I collided with in the Canvas.  

I can see my hands, the HandTracking is enabled on the device. 


What am I missing? 


Thanks in advance !  

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Upon further investigation and downloading of an in-build collider renderer, I can see that my renderer is stuck in the initial position and not moving with my hands in the build. 

That would explain why there is no collision, the two colliders do not collide. I would really like to understand why this collider is not moving with the hands in the build. 

Any help ? 


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