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Wrong rotation angle on Y axis of vive trackers


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Hi I am trying to HTC vive trackers for my research. I am using Python bindings of openvr to access the absolute pose of the tracker. When I try to rotate around  X and Z axis I get rotation degrees between (-180,180) as intended, however when I rotate around Y axis I get degrees between (-90,90) and it oscillates between these numbers. For example: when I reach 0 to 90 degrees. After 90 degrees, angle starts to decrease. I've used both of my trackers and I am having same issue with them. I couldn't find any information regarding this in the documentation. Is there a way to fix this?


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I think I have the same issue. I'm using OpenXR and the tracked pose driver in unity according to the tutorial from VRwithAndrew that is posted on this forum. The vertical rotation I get from Transform doesn't make sense at all. It's almost like the Input System-based rotation is not reflected in the Transform, but applied correctly to the object with tracked pose driver elsewhere (late update?)

Trying to change the application from  "Update and Before render" to "Update" has no effect.

Object with tracked pose driver + children behave fine visually, but the transform's orientation data is not usable.

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