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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes
Released June 13th 2023

Vive Console

[VIVE Console]

  • VIVE Cosmos Elite: OpenXR Runtime selection has been removed, and the suitable one will be automatically used.
  • VIVE Pro 2: Tearing issue with NV 40-series GPU has been improved.

[Vive OpenXR Facial tracking]

  • Corrected the eye gaze data.
  • Fixed a crash issue when using UE editor mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the eye gaze data would not be retrieved if both eye gaze extension and facial tracking extension were enabled.
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has anyone tested this version with the VIVEPro 2 and a 4090?

I had no tearing at all, regardless of the game, definition or frequency, so what's improved?

I have no problem with the previous version, (standalone), but ^^

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Is this firmware out of beta yet? Been a very long time since we saw a firmware update. 1 year ago since the last public release. Has the vive pro 2 reached end of life/support?

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No Updates since many months and the last one that should help people with a 40 series cards is still in beta.

htc what are you doing?😪

if the product is dead/EOL, can you give your customers at least an option to play with there dead product and apply our own lenscorrection profiles?

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