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Connecting Unity Editor to XR Elite does not work?


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I have our Unity built apk running on the XR Elite, but I want to connect Unity Editor to it to do some analysis with logging and input. However Unity gives this error on connection.

I'm just trying to connect to it either by:
* Console->Editor->Local->Devices->HTC_VIVE XR...
* Window->Analysis->Input Debugger->Remote Devices->AndroidPlayer(HTC_VIVE XR Series@...)

Unity errors with:
"Failed to connect. Check if there is an app running on the correct device and it was built with Developer Mode enabled. In case of further issues you can enable the player connection diagnostic switch to get more information."

The apk IS built in "Development Mode". This functionality has no problems on OTHER non-HTC devices Unity has been built onto.

Is there a solution? I've searched the forums and developer site, and didn't see any topics discussing how to make this work.

Thank you for your assistance.


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I am not an expert but I just want to say that try to enable USB debugging on the XR Elite, Verify the XR Elite device is recognized by your computer, Update unity and XR Plugin Versions, Restart the Unity and XR Device, Use unity's player connections diagnostic switch.

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