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XR Elite underlay passthrough warp with OpenXR


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I am trying to use OpenXR standard with XR Elite and managed to implement passthrough (with underlay). I could not get it to work with URP (same problem as in other thread) but never mind. I currently have a distortion issue when it comes to hand tracking.

There is a blur visible around my hands as I move them around the space, distorting all the physical objects around them.

Here's a screenshot:



  • Unity 2021.3.27f1
  • VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Android 1.0.5
  • OpenXR Plugin 1.7.0


In XR Plug-in Management OpenXR feature groups I have enabled:

  • VIVE XR Composition Layer
  • VIVE XR Composition Layer (Passthrough)
  • VIVE XR Hand Tracking
  • VIVE XR Support


Any suggestions on how to remediate it?

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It looks like there is some warping around the hands in the image above.
There are some trade offs with hand tracking and passthrough that go into the image composition. Currently, in our openxr plugin we are not exposing this yet, but in our wave sdk we expose a function to allow the developer to prioritize either scale or position, which impacts the artifacts that are pointed out above. https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRPassthrough.html#set-passthrough-image-focus 

Right now, I'm unsure if there is any way to do the same in openxr, but i'll inquire further.

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Thanks @Alex_HTC this looks like what I am looking for! Fingers crossed for your further inquiry, I really hope we can figure out a way to achieve this implementation with OpenXR, I currently cannot see anything of this kind OpenXR Android API reference: https://hub.vive.com/apidoc/api/Wave.OpenXR.Toolkit.CompositionLayer.Passthrough.CompositionLayerPassthroughAPI.html


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