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Inconsistency in UI with 2D apps


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I noticed that depending on which app I'm using the UI will be different (with certain options unavailable). For instance, when I sideloaded the Steamlink APK, it correctly shows the landscape mode and is curved, but there are no controls to change the curve. Another app that I'd love to see fixed are apps like nExt Camera which change from a portrait to a landscape mode when a landscape oriented device is connected. On XR Elite, it only stays in portrait mode, which really diminishes the experience.

To explain what nExt Camera is, the original purpose of the app is to allow phones to view USB Cameras, but it also works very well to view any HDMI device connected via HDMI capture card (So I connect it by doing Device HDMI > USB Capture Card > XR Elite). For my use case I'd be able to connect my Steamdeck as an HDMI to the XR elite or my Samsung phone to use Samsung Dex. I understand this is niche, however, apps that go from Portrait mode to Landscape is not uncommon. It would be great for that behavior to be fixed or to have a button to toggle landscape mode on apps when available.

Thank you!

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