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Unreal Engine 5.2 Support


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Hi @Brian-HTX, @kat7475,

Thanks for report the crash issue for our develop team.

We did verify internally with test ROM to ensure issue fix (which Johnson showed 850 was Pass but not published yet).

The coming Focus 3 FOTA is target in 8/E or early Sep., which is under the final testing.

If your project is blocked or impacted and could accept the test ROM to speed up your development, please PM us your S/N with current ROM version then we can support the upgrade for you earlier.

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Hey @Tony PH Lin,

Thanks for the update, we're not currently blocked so we can afford to wait a few weeks for the update to come out proper (and let our QA internally get the update too without sending you a ton of serial numbers).

Is there a mechanism to be informed of when that update comes out?


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Hi @Tony PH Lin

Thanks for getting back to us about the issue. I am also happy to wait for the update to release however I am also happy to test the current ROM you have in testing. All I'm really looking to do for now is make sure I can build to the Focus 3 with Unreal engine 5.2 as it is needed for a product line I am working on. 

If the new update should fix this issue however, that's all I really need to know for now! 


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