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Vive Focus 3 controller buttons not being detected in Unity


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I have a VR project in Unity 2022.1.23f1 using SteamVR. The headset and the hands (controllers) are both showing and moving when running the game.
However, all the buttons on the controller are not working. In the OpenXR settings I have added the interaction profiles for Vice Controller, Vive Cosmos Controller and Vive Focus 3 Controller.

In the Input system in Unity I have created actions for all available controller types. None of them work except the one that is linked to a keyboard key.

In the Input Debugger in Unity the controller shows, but in the properties I can only find tracked values for it's position and rotation. None for the buttons, triggers or sticks. 




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Okay, I'm going to somewhat answer my own question.
I still don't know exactly why the buttons don't show in the input debugger eventhough the controller position and rotation do.
It has to do with SteamVR being inbetween the Vive Focus headset and Unity. The input system can't detect inputs coming through SteamVR.

For Unity to be able to read these inputs there needs to be a script implemented in the project that uses Valve.VR inputsystem.
With this system Unity can read the Steam UI bindings with SteamVR_Input_Sources.


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