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VIVE Tracker 3.0 with VIVE Focus 3 Passthrough


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Recently I have been developing a project in Unity utilizing 2 VIVE Tracker 3.0's and the VIVE Focus 3 Passthrough.

I was able to setup the environment to allow for Passthrough, however, I am struggling to get the VIVE Tracker's working. Having utilized different resources online (Such as a HTC Vive Tracker Profile), I have been unable to get the Trackers to work in game. Could anyone advise?

Just to note, here is my Project Settings for OpenXR



I believe the issue is that I need the project to be built in Android (For the Passthrough support), but the HTC Vive Tracker Profile is meant for the "Windows, Mac, Linux settings".

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I think it would be good to note the resources I have used for what I have done so far:

For the Passthrough, I used this:



For the Tracker, I used this:



The issue as noted previously is that the Passthrough is for "Android" builds while the Tracker is for "Windows, Mac, Linux".

I did fiddle with the HTCViveTrackerProfile.cs to make it show up in the "Android" build as seen in the original post, but this did not seem to resolve any issues.


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VIVE Tracker works only with SteamVR lighthouse tracking, therefore you cannot have it work in Android. If you need VIVE Tracker, please develop for PC SteamVR.

However, for PC content to enjoy Focus 3 passthrough feature, you will also need to run with VIVE Business Streaming and turn on MR feature. Please refer to this forum post to setup. 



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