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Is there any way, within the headset, to change the VBS to which I'm connected.

Dan Lauer

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I have VBS running on two different PCs.  Is there anyway to disconnect the headset from one VBS and reconnect to the other.  Right now, the only way that I have found is to stop the VBS server on the PC where I am currently connected, wait for the "network dropped" error message in the HMD, and then reconnect.  While this may not seem all that difficult, I am developing in Unreal using two PCs.  UE establishes it's connection to the OpenXR runtime at project load.  So, stopping VBS stops SteamVR which requires me to restart Unreal.  Which can take a few minutes to reload the project.

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I agree that it "should", but it doesn't.  If I "Quit Content" from the Vive menu and then restart VBS in the headset, it immediately reconnects to the last server it was connected to.  Even if I completely power down the headset, it still reconnects to the last connected server.  I am running VBS 1.11.8c Beta on one PC and the standard 1.11.8c on the other..  The Focus 3 is Release Version 5.9 and System Version 5.0.999.820.


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