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Exporting a map using Vive Business +

Thomas B.

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I have access to Vive Business +, with a PRO license.

I have enrolled headsets which belong to a group with a specific batch configuration (in LBE mode).

Using the Vive Manager (with an Android phone), I can successfully create a map from a headset.

However, when I try to export it using the Vive Business + interface, I always obtain a 0 byte/empty map (see enclosed screen capture).

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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The process can be rather finicky in my experience.

What works best for me is after creating the map with Vive Manager, I confirm I have a map by walking around and checking tracking consistency. I then turn the Vive Focus 3 off and on. For some reason restarting the HMD is key. Just to be sure I doublecheck the map's consistency again. Then I export the map with the Vive Business + Interface. At this point I usually jump into my router to check the network usage by the HMD and see if it's uploading something.

If it's uploading something, it usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for it to appear in the VB+ interface. If it appears as 0 bytes, I usually just try again.

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Thank you @CREWvzw. Your answer was really helpful!

As you mentioned, I was able to track the upload of the maps. But it still didn't worked...

At some point, I changed the batch configuration of the headset to use my phone/mobile connection instead of my home/ground connection (they are different ISPs). An that worked!

My guess is that my upload bandwidth was too low (1Mb/s vs 4 Mb/s), or maybe there is something with my ISP (firewall, packet filtering, I don't know...). I had the same problem when uploading apps to VB+. That's strange and quite unexplained...

Thank you again by the way!

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