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Do I use VIVE Streaming Hub or VIVE Business Streaming for pairing with Unity?


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I'm trying to develop on the Focus 3 and XR Elite, but I don't know what software is needed to connect to Unity with a VIVE USB C cable.
Please advise.

Also Do I need VIVE's OpenXR or can I use Unity's existing OpenXR manager and tools. I understand WAVE may be needed for Passthrough but without that is this Installing VIVE OpenXR PC VR Plugin - Developer Resources needed? 

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I came here to start a new topic on this but I'll jump on this one instead...

What are the differences between the two?  

So for the Vive XR Elite, to use MR with passthrough, must I use VBS because that has the toggle for MR using passthrough in Settings?

Why doesn't the Vive Streaming Hub have that?

With VBS it appears that I can do everything so why was the streaming hub brought out?


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3 hours ago, andyvirt said:

Hi.  Could really do with an answer to this - is there anything online I can read to understand why you would choose one over the other?

not much difference, but I'd suggest use VBS for devleopment. thanks 

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