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Install direct preview device APK failed


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Hello, I am following both Using Direct Preview For Testing On The Headset With Unity and DirectPreview tutorial.

I had already installed HTC Device/VIVE RR Interface on my PC.


I believe Unity is using the correct Android adb.exe file because no errors occurred and the unity console show “adb.exe exist in path”.

However, after I click “Install Device APK” I got an error message “Install Direct Preview device APK failed.”

According to the "USB" section of the DirectPreview webpage, in Step 2 under the "Note," I need to check if there are any white-space in the project path within Unity's console window. However, I didn't find any spaces in the path.


How can I resolve this issue?

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Hi @yijing,

About the install DP device apk failed issue, we clarified the issue was fixed this in  5.3.2-r.4.

You can use the latest one to verify.

Or you can use command “adb install -r -g -d Vive_rrClient.apk” under the folder to install it.


Let us know if it's working on your side, thanks.

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