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Controllers are invisible at first scene


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Hi, the controllers are invisible when I start to play a new scene. I have multiple scenes, and the controllers are visible when moved to different scenes. Only both controllers are not showing in the first scene.

What possibly causing the problem?


Is the WaveXR_InitOnLoad causing this problem? What does WaveXR_InitOnLoad?



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@VIVE_chengnay  Yes, only controller modes are invisible, and I am not getting controller modes in the hierarchy, only the first scene.


As you can see, there are controller models attached when I moved to the next scene.


WaveXR_IniOnLoad contains only the WaveXRRunTimeInitializeOn Load script and it attached when I in first scene and 2nd scene.



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Hi @1099,

It is strange that your controller models don't match with role.

From your hierarchy, Left model appears on RightHand.

Are you able to provide sample project for further investigation?

Or provide more detailed information on what's in your first scene and second scene and also some scripts that I can use to switch scene.

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