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Flickering edges problem Focus 3


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Hi, I am having a flickering edge problem with objects' textures. I recorded the video from Vive Focus 3 (I built the APK from Unity and loaded it to Focus 3). As you can see in the video, the purple bus object' texture is flickering. You can see it a lot on the left side of the bus. This is just an example, but I have a lot of objects in the other scene, and many objects have flickering problems.

I am not using URP and just the Standard Render Pipeline.

I googled change the setting of 

1. Project setting -> Quality -> Anti Aliasing to 4x or 8x

2. WaveXRSettings  -> Foveation mode to Enable changed the ClearVisonFOV 

3. WaveXRSe5ttings => ResolutionScale is set to 1

but nothing effect. Is there any solution to fix this flickering problem?

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Preventing aliasing is a big subject in gamedev forums, and there may be some good hints there

I can't tell, but try disabling 'foviation mode' as it seems like this happens disproportionately on the left side of the image. Fixed foviated rendering increases performance, but can create some additional artifacts outside of where the users' eye looks 'forward'.

Some of the other solutions from the gamedev community may also be useful - avoiding high contract, straight lines like that, and maybe adjusting the shadow quality.

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